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GMC LUTHIER TOOLS supply a range of quality guitar setup tools and fretting tools. Our tools for luthiers, hobby guitar makers and guitarists are purpose made for precision guitar building, neat repairs and easy maintenance.

In addition to our standard fret scale template options for guitar and bass, we provide customised solutions for guitar builders including special scale fretboard slotting jigs and multiscale slotting jigs. 

We have comprehensive guitar fret press systems for bolt on guitar necks, acoustic and solid body guitars -

and a complete range of guitar fret press/workstations for acoustic and electric guitars.

We stock a variety of essential luthier tools.

Our luthiers supply includes:-
Fret Levelling & Fret Crowning Tools, 
Notched Straight Edges & Fretboard Radius Sanding Tools.


All tools are manufactured in house and shipped worldwide from our workshop in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, UK.


Our tools are sturdily built and designed without compromise.

​GMC Luthier Tools, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.