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GMC LUTHIER TOOLS design and manufacture a range of high quality guitar making jigs and

fretting tools for luthiers, musical instrument repairers and hobby guitar builders.

Our focus is on providing premium guitar building tools backed with the highest level of customer service.

Our tools are purpose designed and precision made for consistent guitar making.

The designs provide for the ergonomics of workplace efficiency and functional use.

We have a choice of cost effective fret slotting jig configurations that are supplied complete with fretsaw and templates,

with an extensive range of fret scale templates for guitar, baritone and bass guitar.

We offer a range of pre-designed multiscale jigs and templates

making the creation of a bespoke multiscale instrument a less daunting proposition.

Custom solutions for special tools and guitar scales including multiscales

can be provided. If you have a special application please contact us.

We can also manufacture microtonal scale jigs to specification.

We manufacture comprehensive guitar fret press systems for bolt on guitar necks, solid body guitars

and offer a range of complete guitar fret press/workstations for acoustic guitar, set neck guitar or for universal use.

We supply a variety of essential luthier tools for everyday fretting tasks including:
fret levelling & fret crowning tools, guitar string action setup and neck relief setup tools.

We have our own machining, press/forming equipment shop and CAD design facility.

All tools are designed and manufactured in house and shipped worldwide from our workshop in

Pembrokeshire, South Wales, UK.


Highest quality materials and solid construction ensure durability and accurate work.


Our tools are sturdily built and designed without compromise.

​GMC Luthier Tools, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.