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Fret Crowning - with the advantage of polishing frets using the same abrasive!. The tool doesn't chatter and restores roundness without touching the top of the fret.


The underside of the tool is concave with a gap at the centre. When pressure is applied, the sides of the fret are rounded but the abrasive avoids contact with the very top of the fret. This design feature allows the tool to be used on narrow to medium fretwire. The ideal range for the tool is from 0.095" (2.4mm) up to 0.105" (2.7mm).



Emery Abrasive is rich in Blue Corundum/Blue Sapphire. It has remained the standard for manual re-sizing and polishing of metal because of its combined abrasive properties and polishing characteristics . 

 - Perfect for Fret Crowning!.



  • Precision Formed Fret Crowning Tool.
  • Coarse & Fine Grade Cloth Backed Genuine Emery Abrasive Strips 1.0m long x 25mm wide.  
  • Fretboard Protector.
  • Allen Key.


The photos depict frets before and after crowning. The fret tops can be pre-marked with a permanent pen which will be present as a thin line after crowning.


Detailed information on using this tool can be found on the Fret Crowning page. 


Replacement Abrasive is also available from the Webstore.




  • “I wanted to thank you and give you some feedback on your tools. I think they are outstanding!. Your fret crowning tool has become my absolute favourite. I have tried MANY files and methods. This system is fantastic!. Easy, quick & no file marks!. Thanks again”. J. R., Ontario, Canada.


    "I love the tool. It is far better than using files and then having to clean away file marks before polishing!." R.L., Sussex, UK