A work-saving fret finishing tool for rounding and polishing frets after levelling.


Suitable for narrow to medium fretwire from 0.095" (2.4mm) up to 0.105" (2.7mm).


The tool both rounds and polishes the frets in the same action and uses convenient replaceable abrasive. The underside of the tool is concave with a central gap which ensures that the abrasive does not grind away the top of the frets. (For clarity, the tool is not designed to chamfer the sides of the fret but to reduce the flat tops by rounding the corners after light to medium levelling. For heavily levelled areas and harder/wider gauge frets, some local filing may be necessary before finishing with the tool).




Emery is the preferred abrasive for final finishing and lapping of metal surfaces requiring high precision and smooth surface finish.



  • Precision Formed Fret Crowning Tool.
  • Coarse & Fine Grade Cloth Backed Emery Abrasive Strips 1.0m long x 25mm wide.  
  • Fretboard Protector.
  • Allen Key.


Detailed information on using this tool can be found on the Fret Crowning page. 


Replacement Abrasive is also available from the Webstore.




  • “I wanted to thank you and give you some feedback on your tools. I think they are outstanding!. Your fret crowning tool has become my absolute favourite. I have tried MANY files and methods. This system is fantastic!. Easy, quick & no file marks!. Thanks again”. J. R., Ontario, Canada.


    "I love the tool. It is far better than using files and then having to clean away file marks before polishing!." R.L., Sussex, UK