Guitar Neck Fret Press - no extra tools required!.


The unit is designed for standard guitar necks.


Please note that the neck must be detached from the instrument as the unit will not span the full width of a guitar body. For set neck guitars please see Complete System for Solid Body Guitars.


  • Self contained guitar neck fret press system - no extra tools required.

  • 9 Cauls - 60mm wide: 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 14", 16", 17", 20" & Flat.

  • Includes guitar neck support made from a composite of aluminium, neoprene and cork.

  • High pressing force obtained via easy to turn screw thread.

  • 1-2 turns will insert the fret under precise control and without slipping.

  • Flat base section for supporting the heel with cutout & clearance for the headstock..

  • Rubber edged base strips provide stability and allow the press to be used on any surface.

  • Can be used free standing or permanently mounted onto a bench via fixing holes provided.


For more information on this product and similar fret pressing applications, please see Fret Pressing Systems page.

FRET PRESS FOR GUITAR NECKS - Includes 9 Cauls & Neck Support

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