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The jig simplifies slotting of guitar scale fretboards and includes everything necessary.

The package includes:


  • Jig Base 525mm long x 78mm wide.
  • Precision Fret Scale Template Set (Over 25 Inch & Metric sizes to choose from).
  • 2.5mm Fixed Depth Luthiers Fretsaw 0.023" kerf (0.6mm).
  • Datum Fret Slot Locator.
  • 5x Spare Fretsaw Blades.



The jig is designed for guitar scale fretboards up to 78mm wide.

Jig Scale Range:

Inch scale lengths up to 27.5".

Metric scale lengths up to 700mm.

Please note 27" & 27.5" scales are also available with the Bass & Baritone  jig version.



The jig base is constructed from 20mm thick hardwood as per our standard slot jig, with additional aluminium plates fastened along each side to increase the width to 78mm. A grooved rubber covering on the top face provides firm support & grip for the fretboard.


For stability, we recommend that the jig is clamped in a vice. The solidly constructed base is designed to facilitate this without damage or crushing of the jig sides. Thus when cutting the slots, movement of the jig is completely restricted and focus is concentrated on sawing.


The jig can also be adapted for slotting 1-piece necks. A 1-piece neck attachment (optional) is available and designed for fastening onto the side fixing holes.



The jig is supplied with a 2.5mm depth fretsaw as standard. This can be substituted for an alternative depth if preferred. (Sanding the board radius will reduce the fret slot depth at the edges and the 2.5mm saw leaves suitable remaining depth for the majority fretwire). 5 blades are included with the saw.



The package includes a set of Fret Scale Templates. For detailed information on their construction and use, please see the Fret Slotting Information page.



Please see the Product Category  page for related items.


FRET SLOTTING JIG – 78mm WIDE VERSION - With Fretsaw & Templates

  • “I had been looking at various options for a fret slotting jig when I came across this one. I have to say, when the jig arrived I was very impressed with the quality, it really is a nicely made tool. Setting it up with the clear instructions takes only a couple of minutes and it is easy to use. Best of all, the results are simply wonderful. I am a hobby builder but the fretboards created using this jig with the included saw are absolutely perfect! I would definitely recommend this jig and I will be back to try more of these great tools as and when the need arises. Many thanks”. Rakesh S., Chelmsford, UK.

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