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A range of pre-designed multiscale jigs for 6,7,8 string guitars. Includes layout gauge that features the geometry and relationships of the scales with reference to the centre line of the instrument.


Workshop Dispatch Time is 1 week.

Please note - Workshop dispatch time for pre-ordered items is 3-4 weeks.


The supply includes:

  • Multiscale Fretboard Template.
  • Interchangeable Multiscale Slotting Jig Base.
  • 2x Fret Slot Locators.
  • Luthiers Fretsaw (for depth see below).
  • 5x Spare Fretsaw Blades.
  • Allen Keys & Fixing Screws.
  • Multiscale Geometry Layout Gauge.



The multiscale fretboard template rests directly on top of the fretboard and is fastened in position via screws along the sides of the jig base.

During sawing, the blade is guided in close fitting parallel slots and the saw teeth pass through notches at the sides of the template.

The fixing screw slots enable height adjustment for different board thicknesses.

For reference, the template has fretboard centreline marks at each end.

The jig is sturdy and can be solidly clamped in a bench vice for stability.

The jig base also accepts our standard slotting jig templates for conventional Short Scale, Long Scale, Baritone and Bass Scales.



Fret slot depth is achieved when the fretsaw back contacts the top surface of the template. The fretsaw supplied – 4.5mm depth – includes an allowance for the template thickness. 5 blades are included with the saw. Spare Blades can also be purchased from the webstore.



The jig base has a ribbed top to help restrict movement of the fretboard.

The fretboard blank width should be trimmed for a snug fit inside the jig base side plates.

If there is excess length on the board then this can be utilised for clamping over the top of the template (at the end portions of the jig only - see photo above).



The Layout Gauge is an invaluable reference tool for the instrument build. The gauge features the geometry and relationships of the scales with reference to the centre line of the instrument as follows:

Nut Angle

Bridge Angle

Treble Scale Length

Bass Scale Length

Nut String Spacing (Overall)

Bridge String Spacing (Overall)



The multiscale jig base is 715mm long and will accommodate 78mm maximum fretboard width. The fixing screw positions are common permitting our standard bass scale, guitar scale & small scale templates to be fitted also.



Additional templates are available for the jig.

MULTISCALE FRET SLOTTING JIG - Including Geometry Layout Gauge

£132.00 Regular Price
£119.00Sale Price
  •               Scale:                       Spacing(mm)   Level

              Treble - Bass   Strings  Nut - Bridge  Fret

    (#6.1)  24"  -  25.5"       6      35     53         7th

    (#6.2)  24.5" - 26"         6      35     53         7th

    (#6.3)  24.75"- 25.5"    6       34     53        8th

    (#6.4)  24.75"- 26.5"    6       35     53        9th

    (#6.5)  25.5" - 27.5"     6       36     54         9th

    (#6.6)  25.5" - 26.5"     6       38    53          9th


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