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Welcome to GMC Luthier Tools website.

Our tools have been sold worldwide since 2011. Whether your project is a custom build, or upgrading an 'off the shelf' model, we hope that you will find something of interest on our site. For latest information on new products including short videos of tools and applications, please visit the workshop videos page.

We have essential luthier tools for guitar maintenance and repairs including:

Fret Levelling & Fret Crowning Tools.

Notched Straight Edges

Neck Relief & String Action Gauges ,

Fret Benders & Fret Pullers.

All products are manufactured in house and shipped worldwide from our workshop in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, UK.

Our tools are sturdily built and designed without compromise

GMC Luthier Tools, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.


Thank you for visiting.

Guitar fret press
Luthiers Tool | Guitar String Spacing Tool
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