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Our Fret Puller is a specially designed tool for removing frets. The design of the tool helps to ensure that marking of the fretboard face is minimal. The system includes a fretboard protector.

(Note!. As the frets will have been forced into their slots during fitting, the removal will incur some degree of chipping/splitting and therefore consideration for some minor repairs should be made).

The tool features specially designed inserts manufactured from Hardened Ground Gauge / Knife Steel. The inserts are through hardened combining high strength with surface hardness. The inserts can be dressed with a diamond file to maintain sharpness.

The inserts are mounted in a tool body which has 2 working sides with different profiles.



This side is for initially prising the end of the fret.

A small strip of PVC tape should be placed either side of the fret around the edge of the board.

Fret Removal Tool | GMC Luthier Tools

The inserts are designed to locate against the underside of the fret, either side of the tang.  By using gentle leverage and pressure, the fret end can be gradually lifted away from the fretboard.

It is recommended to start from the underside or unseen edge as played, so that any cosmetic repairs will be discreet. (Applying some heat to the top of the fret beforehand may also help with removal, but this is down to preference).


Fret Pulling Tool | GMC Luthier Tools
Guitar Fretting Tool | Fret Puller | GMC Luthier Tools



The fretboard protector should be placed in position and the tips of the inserts located under the raised portion of the fret.

Removing Stainless Steel Frets | GMC Luthier Tools

The fret is completely enclosed by the tool thereby ensuring a secure grip during removal.

Removing Nickel Silver Frets | GMC Luthier Tools

Softer frets will tend to curl as per the above photo whereas harder frets will remain straighter and be levered out.

When removing hard frets, to help prevent the wood from splitting, additional pressure should be applied onto the fretboard protector as shown below.

Fret Removing Tool | GMC Luthier Tools