Fretboard Slotting And Templates

Luthiers Fretsaw & Fret Scale Templates Included.

Many scale sizes available.

Choose from: Small scales, Baritone scales, Bass scales and Multiscale Jigs.


  • Precision spacing of the fretsaw at the point of cutting

  • Precise depth control of the fret slots.



The jig base is made from Solid Ash. This allows the jig to be firmly clamped in a bench vice for ease of use during sawing.


Threaded inserts are positioned along each side for attachment of the Fret Scale Templates. The hole positions are standardised and allow interchangeability of different scales.


The base is waxed for protection and features a rubber covering on the top face which provides firm support & grip for the fretboard.

Guitar Scale Fret Mitre Box

STANDARD JIG DIMENSIONS - Guitar Scales Up to 27.5"


Standard Jig Dimensions: 525mm long x 70mm wide.

(78mm wide optional)

Bass Guitar Fret Slot Jig

BARITONE / BASS JIG DIMENSIONS - 27.5" to 35" Scales

Baritone / Bass Jig Dimensions: 715mm long x 78mm wide.

(86mm wide optional)


The bass jig has an extra pitch of template fixing holes. The fixing screw positions are common allowing guitar scale & small scale templates to be fitted. 




The Fret Scale Templates ensure the precise position and relationship of each fret slot. This is achieved with a few return strokes of the fretsaw at each position. As the photos below demonstrate the location position for each fret slot is at the exact surface plane of the fretboard whereby it ensures maximum positional accuracy.

Marking Out Fret Slot Positions

The templates incorporate slots which allow them to be lowered from the path of the saw after marking the slot positions.


Precision Fret Spacing Using Jig



The jig can also be used as an aid to cut the nut slot width:-

1) Reposition the fretboard to cut the rear of the nut slot. (The fretboard should be clamped for this).

2) The material between the parallel slots can then be carefully removed by working from each edge of the fretboard towards the centre.

Fret Slot Cutting Jig



An initial slot should be cut to depth at a central position along the fretboard. The datum slot locator is fitted to this slot.


The remaining slots can be cut to depth. 

The saw guides prevent accidental damage to the fretboard  from the saw.

"I love the slot locator as I can remove the fingerboard and place it accurately straight back in the jig". S.L., Bristol, UK.

Cutting The Fretboard Nut Slot


Luthiers Fretsaw
Luthiers Fretsaw Slotting Depth

The jig is supplied with a 2.5mm depth fretsaw as standard. (This can be substituted for an alternative depth if preferred - see below). Radiussing the board will reduce the fret slot depth at the edges and the 2.5mm saw leaves suitable remaining depth for the fretwire.

The depth of cut is fixed and is determined by the saw body which makes contact with the fretboard. The saw body is 3mm wide and any marking of the wood is minimal and hidden beneath the fret when fitted. The saw can be used for cleaning / re-working the slots after sanding the fretboard.

The saw has a vintage (unused - as new) hardwood handle. Please see Luthiers Fretsaw for details of alternative saw depths available.


Spare Blades are available from the webstore.

Saw Features:

  • Precise control of saw cut depth.

  • Blade can be orientated for push or pull sawing.

  • Ideal for cutting nut slot sides also.

  • Supplied with 5x 32TPI Hardened & Tempered Blades.

  • Useful in tight spaces where conventional saw access is restricted.

  • Kerf Width 0.6mm / 0.023”.


Fret Slotting Jig Packages can be supplied to your specific requirements. 

Please see the webstore for details.

Fretboard Slotting And Templates
Ukulele Fet Slotting Jig


Photo shows a Special Dual Ukulele Slotting Jig.


This utilises the standard jig base with combined 360mm/17Fret &  280mm/16 Fret Templates.


Please Contact Us if you have a requirement for a similar or special application.


Adaptations for 1-piece necks are available in both guitar and bass sizes.

Luthier Tool - 1 Piece Neck Attachment
1-piece guitar neck slotting jig

The adaptor plates create the additional jig depth necessary for the neck and headstock. The headstock support height is adjustable.

Guitar Neck Slotting Jig

The two rectangular packers are used to centralise the neck. They provide a soft wedge clamp against the sides of the neck and their position along the jig is determined by the taper and width of the neck.

The adaptation can also be used to convert the slotting jig into a full length neck support jig for sanding the fretboard radius.

(See Fretboard Radius Sander below)


Multiscale Fret Slotting Jigs are also available. Please see the webstore for details and current shipping times.

Multiscale Jig and Fretsaw
Multiscale Guitar Template



The multiscale fretboard template is a specially designed channel shaped jig which rests directly on top of the fretboard and is fastened in position via screws along the sides of the jig base.

During sawing, the blade is guided in close fitting parallel slots and the saw teeth pass through notches at the sides of the template.

Fret slot depth is achieved when the blade back contacts the top surface of the template. (The fretsaw supplied – 4.0mm depth – includes an allowance for the template thickness).

The fixing screw slots enable height adjustment for different board thicknesses.

For reference, the template has fretboard centreline marks at each end.

The jig is sturdy and can be solidly clamped in a bench vice for stability.

The jig base also accepts our standard slotting jig templates for conventional Short Scale, Long Scale, Baritone and Bass Scales.


The jig is supplied with a layput gauge. (At bottom of photo). The gauge is made from stainless steel and provides all geometries and relationships with reference to the centre line of the instrument as follows:

Nut Angle

Bridge Angle

Treble Scale Length

Bass Scale Length

Nut String Spacing (Overall)

Bridge String Spacing (Overall)

The Layout Gauge is an invaluable reference tool for the instrument build.

Multiscale Fretboard Jig Parts