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Adaptation comprises:

  • Adjustable Height Neck Support.
  • 2x Side Extension Plates.
  • 2x Neck Centralising Packers.


The adaptation fastens directly onto the fret slotting jig and enables 1-piece necks to be slotted.


The side extension plates create the additional jig depth necessary for the increased neck thickness. The plates are attached directly to the existing jig base fixing holes. The overall height can be adjusted via the fixing slots. Each extension plate has fixing screws for attaching fret scale templates.


The neck support height is adjustable. To fit the neck support: remove two rubber feet from one end of the jig base, place the bracket over the fixing holes and re-fit the feet.


Please note that in order for the jig to function correctly, the fretboard must be flat prior to slotting. If the fretboard has a radius, the saw will not locate properly for marking the slots and may also cut oversize slots.


The adaptation is available in 2 different options - for the guitar scale jig or bass scale jig. The increased depth of the slotting jig box will allow a maximum neck thickness including fretboard - up to 35mm. It can be used with or without the neck support depending on whether a blank or finish shaped neck is being slotted.


Please note the jig and templates will need to be purchased separately:


The Guitar Scale Adaptation mounts onto the standard 525mm x 70mm fretboard slotting jig.


The Bass / Baritone Scale Adaptation mounts onto the 715mm x 78mm Bass / Baritone Slotting Jig.


Please see the Fret Slotting Information Page for additional information.


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