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Solid Body Guitar Support


Guitar workstand for setups and repairs

guitar workstand will help to organise your workspace for efficient guitar repairs, setups and maintenance. The stand features a  neck caul and interchangeable guitar body supports.

The workstand supports the guitar neck 200mm above the benchtop for good working height. The narrow base configuration leaves space for organising tools on the bench, which can be kept close to hand but away from the guitar. The raised guitar support surfaces are easy to manage for dust and filings.

The workstand comprises of a solid oak base rail fitted with the neck rest and mounting holes for the modular guitar body supports. The base is fitted with heavy duty pads at each end. The pads have grooved rubber undersides for grip and stability and are easily removed for direct clamping of the workstand to a bench top and also when used in the guitar fret press / workstation.

The neck rest is 250mm (10") long and features a full length 'C' shape profiled channel. The surface of the neck rest is covered with soft cork.

Height adjustment is made by rotating the universal support until the neck is level and supported along the caul. The univeral support pad is contoured for the curvature of the guitar back and covered with firm neoprene foam. The shape is based on a nominal 15' radius and provides firm support for all guitar types.

The solid body support will accommodate different neck angles and body thicknesses. Both height and angle of the support are adjustable via independent screw jacks. The solid body guitar support is made from sealed marine plywood and covered with firm neoprene foam. The supporting structure is made from aluminium and stainless steel components. The design provides maximum support for thin bodied guitars and reduces strain on the neck join. Adjustment is made by turning the screw jacks independently until the neck is fully supported and then locking the support using the side thumb screws.






Universal Guitar Workstand
Guitar Workstand Neck Caul
Solid Body Guitar Support
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