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“What a well thought out fretwork jig for holding fret wire and superb quality engineering”. B.W., Derbyshire, UK.

“A really great piece of kit. Very well made. A complete re-fret went without a hitch, Every fret was perfect. What could have been quite a daunting task, went so smoothly. The fretwork jig has been so well thought out - it's a brilliant bit of kit. Thanks again!”. P.C. Wiltshire, UK.

“I am very satisfied with the fretwork jig. Great idea, very good performance. Thank you very much!”. W.M., Reykjavik, Iceland.

"Just received the fret puller. Totally blown away. Every repair person or luthier should have one of these. Thank you!". C.W., Idaho, USA

“I wanted to give you some feedback on the fret puller. This thing is awesome!. Thank you!”. A.W., AZ, USA.

“Thank you for the fret bender, what an amazing tool. I've already bent a set of frets just to test it out”. W.S., Nottinghamshire UK.

“The fret bender is a solid job and proving to be very useful, especially with bending individual fret lengths. Thank you”. D.F., Oxfordshire, UK.

"Thank you very much for your high quality, ingenious and innovative fret bender!.". R.P., Brisbane Australia.

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