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Designed specifically for single fret length bending and suitable for general fretwire bending and coiled fretwire straightening.



  • Close pitch precision bending rollers - permitting single frets to be bent.

  • Dual groove feed wheel - for narrow and wide fretwire types. 

  • All stainless steel construction.



Any burrs on the leading edge of the fretwire should be removed.

The fretwire tang is located into one of the feed wheel grooves - narrow or wide depending on fretwire gauge.

The handle is turned to pass the wire through the tool.

Pressure is applied to the bending rollers via the top thumb screw in order to achieve the required radius.

Q. "What radii can it be set up for and how?"

A. As there are numerous fretwire options with respect to gauge and material composition, it is not possible to 'dial up' a previous setting - e.g. small differences in cross section of the crown and barbs will cause the radii to differ between similar gauges. Once the radius has been setup for a particular fretwire type, the tool will maintain this for consistent fretting.



The fret crown is protected from damage by utilising a nylon roller with a concave groove. 

The wire is fed through the underside of the feed wheel. 

The handle is turned to feed the wire through the underside of tool.

Pressure is applied to the unbending rollers via the thumb screw.



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GUITAR FRET BENDER - Single Fret Capability

£88.65 Regular Price
£79.79Sale Price
  • “Thank you, what an amazing tool. I've already bent a set of frets to test it out”. Wayne S., Nottinghamshire UK.


    “Amazing value for this excellently designed tool. top quality”. Terry W., Kent, UK.


    “Its a solid job, proving to be very useful, especially with individual fret lengths. Thank you”. Dave F., Oxfordshire, UK.


    "Thank you very much for allowing Australian luthiers to purchase your high quality, ingenious and innovative products!.", R.P., Brisbane Australia.

    "Blown away by the quality. Thank you!". Alex R., Avon, UK.

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