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The Fret Pulling Set includes a purpose designed fret puller and additional fret pulling pliers. The combined set offers increased options for removing frets that are difficult to grip against or lift away from the fretboard.



The tool design features specially shaped tips which contact the underside of the fret either side of the tang. By using leverage via the tool resting on the fret guard, the fret end can be prized up. The tool is beneficial where a grip from traditional pliers is not effective.


The fret puller tips are manufactured from ground gauge plate/knife steel. The steel is through hardened having good strength combined with high surface hardness. The tips can be dressed with a diamond file. Tip breakage through recommended use is uncommon however if this should occur then Spare Tool Tips are available from the web store.



The pliers feature two modifications:-

The outside face is dressed to ensure firm grip at the bottom of the fret. In addition to this the inside of the jaws are modified with internal scallops for access underneath the fret.


Please note that the modification removes a degree of hardness from the contact edges and as such the pliers are not suitable for cutting purposes.



  • Fret Puller / Prizing Tool
  • Fret Pulling Pliers
  • Fret Guard / Fretboard Protector


Some splitting of the wood as frets are removed is unavoidable and small cosmetic repairs to the fretboard may be necessary.



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FRET PULLING SET - Includes Purpose Designed Fret Puller and Separate Pliers

£35.00 Regular Price
£31.50Sale Price
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