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The Fret Detail Jig is designed for basic fretwork tasks including fret length cutting, radius forming and tang removal which can be accomplished using basic workshop tools. The jig features a pair of matching profiled plates for seating and clamping the fret. The jig can be used directly in a vise or fixed onto a batten via the two mounting holes. Additional profile plates can be purchased from the menu.



  • Manual/soft hammer fret bending and checking of the fret radius.
  • Accurate fretwire cutting using a fine tooth hacksaw.

  • Fret tang removal with a needle file.

  • Jig will assist in reducing the amount of finishing on the instrument.



Aluminium Fret Clamping Jig Body.

2 Matched Stainless Steel Fret Jig Profile Plates.

Hex Allen Key & Clamp Screws.


FRET DETAIL JIG - To assist fret cutting, forming & tang removal

  • “What a well,thought out tool for holding fret wire and superb quality engineering”. B.W. UK.


    “A really great piece of kit. Very well made. A complete re-fret went without a hitch, Every fret was perfect, What could have been quite a daunting task, went so smoothly. The whole thing has been so well thought out - it's a brilliant bit of kit. I would gladly recommend your equipment to anyone who is thinking of buying it!. Thanks again.” P.C. Wiltshire, UK.


    “I am very satisfied with the tool. Great idea, very good performance. Thank you very much!”. Wieslaw M., Reykjavik, Iceland.



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