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Luthier Tool - Fret Crowning File


GMC Luthier Tools Fret Dressing Tools and Abrasives are purpose designed for dressing the levelled surface of the fret crown whilst restoring curvature to the fret sides. This is essential for good intonation. It is also critical that the heights of the fret are not altered by this process.

The tool features a safe gap design that protects the tops of the frets. When loaded with abrasive the precision concave profile on the underside applies pressure to the shoulders of the fret crown only. The gap in the centre of the tool spreads the abrasive either side of the fret and ensures that sanding pressure on the top of the fret is avoided.

Fret Dressing Kit | Guitar Fret Crowning Tool
Fret Crowning Tool | Fret Crowning File


Natural emery corundum contains aluminium oxide and is the preferred abrasive for finishing and polishing of special metals by engineers and jewellery makers .

A strip of the emery is folded and inserted through the gap in the tool. The abrasive can be trimmed off leaving a neat edge by cutting along the bottom of the tool with some light shears (not included). A small shim is supplied to spread the abrasive.


As the abrasive wears, new emery is fed through the tool as required. As a general rule, each new abrasive portion will dress a single fret and two strips of abrasive will be required to complete a guitar.

The tool is suitable for the majority of applications where moderate levelling has been performed. For hard/wide frets some local filing may be necessary before using the tool.

Fret Crowning File | Fret Polishing Kit
Fret Dressing Tool | Alternative to Traditional Filing
Fret Crowning Tool Abrasive
Fret Crowning Tool Abrasive | Smple Fret Crowning Method

The frets should be levelled before crowning. The photograph below shows crowned frets at the right. The tool makes easy work of rounding the fret ends also.

Guitar Making Tools | Crowned frets after levelling

It is recommended to attach the fret guard to the board using two small strips of tape as shown in the photo and to utilise the elastic band where possible. The guard is made from malleable stainless steel and will flex to the radius of the board. The elastic band can be hooked underneath the corner notches clear of the tool.


Fret Guard For Crowning
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