A versatile precision Fretting Tool with more than one use!.


With its superior abrasive and polishing qualities, industrial emery is the preferred abrasive for final finishing and lapping of metal surfaces requiring high precision and smooth surface finish. Perfect for Fret Levelling!.



  • 250mm long x 25mm wide Precision Formed Fret Levelling Tool (effective abrasive length 200mm). 
  • Detachable Hardwood Handle. 
  • 8x strips of 25mm wide coarse abrasive (cloth backed).
  • 8x strips of 25mm wide smooth abrasive (cloth backed).
  • 4x strips of double sided 25mm wide fine emery polishing paper. (8 effective abrasive lengths).
  • Allen Key.


Dependant on fret wear, the abrasive included is sufficient for 4-6 fretting jobs, however as the emery becomes smoother with use, the abrasive should not be discarded too soon as it can be retained for lighter/polishing work.


The tool is also useful for detail sanding & rasp sanding of wood by incorporating suitable alternative abrasives. (The industrial emery supplied with the tool is not suitable for using directly on wood).


Further detailed information on this tool can be found on the Fret Levelling page.


2 options of Spare Fret Levelling Abrasive can be purchased from the Webstore:

Heavy Fret Wear:    Coarse + Fine + Polishing

Light Fret Wear:      Fine + Polishing


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