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Spot Levelling Problem Frets


A notched edge is used set the fretboard straight and a 12" universal fret levelling beam for spot levelling the frets. The tool utilises standard emery roll and includes abrasive grips at each end for easy insertion underneath the strings (the tool is used without the handle for this particular procedure).

Strings On Guitar Fret Repairing

The tool typically spans 3 strings enabling a wide section of the fretboard to be covered.

String Tension Fret Repairing

The string lifting bar is placed as close as possible to the nut. The bar is made from stainless steel and curved to a nominal 9.5" radius. The bar finds its own resting point on the fretboard thus accommodating any radius and also flat boards. The smooth surface of the bar allows the string positions to be altered/grouped without losing tension. A thin strip of rubber underneath the bar protects the board from being marked.

Guitar String Lifting Bar For Tension Fret Levelling

Note the underside of the leveller showing the abrasive grip/retaining method. 25mm standard width emery roll is utilised in the tool.

Spot levelling frets with strings in situ


With the strings removed for crowning, the neck can be checked for any change following release of tension.

Checking Neck Straightness After Fret Levelling

The frets now require re-crowning.

Please see the fret crowning product page for full details on the above.


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