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Adaptation comprises:

  • Adjustable Height Neck Support.
  • Side Extension Plates.
  • 2x Neck Centralising Packers.


The adaptation fastens directly onto the fret slotting jig and enables 1-piece necks to be accommodated. The side plates create the additional jig depth necessary for the neck. The neck support height is adjustable.


The adaptation is available in 2 different options - for the guitar scale jig or bass scale jig. The increased depth of the slotting jig box will allow a maximum neck thickness including fretboard - up to 35mm. It can be used with or without the neck support depending on whether its a blank being worked on or a finish shaped neck.


The Guitar Scale Adaptation mounts onto the standard 525mm x 70mm fretboard slotting jig.


The Bass / Baritone Scale Adaptation mounts onto the 715mm x 78mm Bass / Baritone Slotting Jig.


Please see the Fret Slotting Information Page for more information on attachment to the jig.


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