For scale lengths up to 27.5".

Precise alignment of saw blade teeth at contact point with fretboard. 

Includes Fret Scale Templates & Luthiers Fretsaw.



1-Set - Fretboard Scale Templates / Fret Position Markers (24 Frets).

1-Set - Parallel Fretsaw Guides.

Standard Jig Base - 525mm x 70mm.

Datum Fret Slot Locator.

0.023" kerf (0.6mm) Fretboard Slotting Saw with 5x 32TPI Blades.


Additional Templates and Spare Blades can also be purchased from the webstore.


The jig can also be adapted for use with 1-piece necks.


Please see Fret Slotting page for a detailed description of this product.


FRET SLOTTING JIG FOR GUITAR - Includes Templates & Fretsaw

  • “I had been looking at various options for a fret slotting jig when I came across this one. I have to say, when the jig arrived I was very impressed with the quality, it really is a nicely made tool. Setting it up with the clear instructions takes only a couple of minutes and it is easy to use. Best of all, the results are simply wonderful. I am a hobby builder but the fretboards created using this jig with the included saw are absolutely perfect! I would definitely recommend this jig and I will be back to try more of these great tools as and when the need arises. Many thanks”. Rakesh S., Chelmsford, UK.


    "I wanted to tell you a few days back I was able to use the fret slotting jig and I could not be happier. It worked perfectly, and together with the saw made a clean and professional was like a childs game, even for a novice like me!"., S.R. Badalona, Cataluña. 


    “Excellent slotting jig - elegantly designed and well made. Thank you!”. R.M., Oxford, UK.


    “Amazing product and great craftsmanship!”. T.N., California, USA.


    “100 percent perfect. Will buy from again”. E.M., Ontario, Canada.