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The Guitar Workstation / Fret Press is a comprehensive fret pressing system and fretting station for all guitar types. The workstation is manufactured from high quality materials including stainless steel, oak, beech and treated marine plywood. The system employs many unique and innovative features.



Integrated modular guitar workstand.

Curved body support for acoustic guitars.

Adjustable angle support for solid body guitars.

Cork covered 'C' shaped neck rest.

Detachable neck clamp jaws.

Screw operated press system with 9 fret press inserts.

Quick change fixing plates for easy removal and storage of the press.

Side docking and clamping position for workstand.

Angular adjustment of caul/insert for multiscale instruments.


Innovative fretboard tongue support for pressing over the heel.

Soundhole edge protector.

Soundboard protective mat.

Heel screw jack.

Neck rest top clamp.



The base is manufactured from 18mm thick marine plywood and is a stretched hexagon shape - 820mm long by 460mm deep. The angular shape allows easy re-orientation on the worktop. The base can be canted allowing the guitar workstand to be docked outside the press. The round clamps are used to secure the workstand to the base in this position.


An open tenon design keeps the guitar support workstand central underneath the press. The fret is aligned with the press caul by sliding the workstand left or right. Two round clamps lock the workstand in position for pressing.



The fret press screw is operated by turning the top mounted handle. This pushes the press insert downwards and applies pressure onto the fret. The screw pitch is 1.5mm - approximately the same as the fret depth - thus a single turn of the handle will press in the fret. In comparison to a lever operated press, the high mechanical advantage of the screw thread (20:1) plus the additional torque of the handle arm provides a substantial pressing force. Less effort is required and a higher degree of control is maintained.



The workstand  features a robust solid oak base rail. The base rail has mounting holes for the different body support options and is fitted with the guitar neck rest. Two support legs with rubber feet are provided and these should be attached to the workstand when used outside of the workstation. For ease of assembly, the legs are fitted over the top and locate in the rebate at each end of the workstand.



The guitar neck rest is 285mm long x 20mm thick made from solid beech and covered with cork. The rest incorporates a shallow 'C' shaped neck location groove that provides support for the neck without being over restrictive when handling the guitar.



Height adjustment is made by rotating the support pad on the central screw until the neck is level and supported. The support pad is made from marine plywood and covered with firm neoprene foam on both upper and lower sides. The support pad has a flat central portion with kerfed ends that form an approximate 15' radius. The pad is reversible for use when a flatter or domed suface is required.  For stability, the designed screw height adjustment range is 25mm.  3 additional 25mm thick oak packing blocks give a total range of 100mm.



The solid body support has an adjustable mechanism that will accommodate different neck angles and body thicknesses.  Both height and angle of the support are adjustable via independent screw jacks at the heel and body positions. The solid body guitar body support is made from marine plywood and is covered with firm neoprene foam. The supporting structure is made from aluminium and stainless steel components. The solid body support offers improved support for thin bodied guitars and reduces strain on the neck join when pressing.



The press includes a support to reduce strain on the soundboard and the end of the neck.

The support is mounted off rails inserted through the bridge. The assembly is easily fitted and removed from the cross beam via 2 allen screws.

To use: Hook the lower protruding edge of the tongue support underneath the end of the fretboard. Apply light pressure to the underside of the tongue via turning the top thumb nut. After pressing each fret, release the back pressure from the thumb nut to allow positioning for the next fret.

Correct use of the unit will ensure that pressing forces are self contained and deflection is minimal.

The tongue support has a 2mm rubber wrap around for instrument protection.



The soundboard edge protector is a flexible thick 'U' section rubber that fits around the edge of the soundhole. Fitting and removal is straightforward. The mat is placed over the protector providing additional protection.  



The screw height is adjusted until the guitar heel is contacted under light pressure. The screw jack has a cork covered contact face.



The clamp provides extra stability for fretting over the heel when used in conjunction with the tongue support.



The clamp jaws are sprung open and tightened via a thumb-wheel. The height of the jaws can be adjusted to suit the neck thickness. The jaws can be lowered clear of the neck support when not required and the complete unit is also easily detached from the workstand. The clamp jaw blocks are made from walnut to ensure soft clamping and are shaped to cater for both tapered neck angle and parallel clamping. The jaw blocks have rubber coverings to provide a soft grip on the neck. Please note the clamp jaw assembly should be removed when pressing over the heel and tongue on acoustic guitars.



The press is supplied with stainless steel flat cross section inserts (9 piece set) - 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 14", 16", 17", 20" & Flat.

Brass grooved cross section inserts are also available from the webstore.



Please see the Product Category  page for related items.



Workshop Dispatch Time 3-4 weeks
  • “The fretting workstation arrived and we have been setting it up and testing it with electric and acoustic setups. It is very impressive!. We are very appreciative of the control available by means of all the adjustments and the hold downs when the guitar is outside the bridge. Thank you very much for your very extensively thought out workstation!”. Lewis S., California, USA.


    "Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the press arrived in good order. Your tools are first rate. Can't tell you how blown away I am!. Thank you for making such a great product". Thomas. D., Laguna Beach, USA.


    “Received my Work Stand/Fret Press. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I am so impressed with the quality and the thought put into this tool. Already looking at some of your other tools. Thanks, again”. Peter V., New York, USA.


    “Silly question, will the press be the answer to re-fretting all makes and models of guitars? Just don't want to buy it and find it doesn't do what I need. Fed up using the hammer!. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you”. J.A., Edinburgh, UK..............................................................

    “Thank you for your message. It would be difficult to guarantee it will suit all makes and models due to unique features on some instruments however the press is suitable for the vast majority of traditionally shaped instruments”................................................................................

    “I purchased your complete fret press tool which is superb. I use the guitar stand for my every day tasks, which again is superb". J.A., Edinburgh, UK.


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