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Guitar Neck Clamp Jig

Clamping and orientating a near finished guitar neck firmly enough to undertake any form of work has always been awkward. A few recent jobs presented the opportunity to purpose design a guitar neck clamp jig to solve this recurring issue.

Guitar neck vise clamp

The clamp jig comprises of 2 parts:- a cork covered caul and a rubber covered fretboard clamp. The rubber grooves allow for clamping both fretted or non-fretted boards.

Rocking Guitar Neck Rest

Clamping of the guitar neck is achieved by 2 allen screws in the centre of the jig. The jig can then be mounted in any attitude in a bench vise.

Safely clamping a guitar neck

Direct vise clamping through the neck is avoided.

Guitar Neck Vise Clamping Solution

Simple Guitar Neck Vise Clamp

We've also designed it to be swapped around and used as a rocking type neck rest. (The screw holes are countersunk to avoid any potential marking of the neck).

Guitar Neck Support Cradle

Now available in the webstore!.


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