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For rounding and polishing frets. Uses low cost abrasive and provides an easy to use alternative to traditional fret dressing methods.


Manufactured in our workshop using precision tooling and methods, the tool is supplied with industrial emery abrasive (blue twill/cloth backed). The specific properties of the abrasive enables high precision work and smooth surface finish on the frets.


The underside of the tool has a concave pressure face that matches the fret profile and a central gap for the abrasive.



The tool profile has been revised with an increased height and longer gripping length. 



A short strip of the abrasive is folded and inserted through the middle of the tool. The abrasive is separated above the crown which ensures that the tool doesn't grind away the tops of the frets creating unwanted fret buzz.


For best practise, the abrasive should be trimmed square leaving a neat edge by cutting along the bottom of the tool with some shears (not included). The edge can then be positioned slightly proud of the tool before tightening the screws. A small shim is supplied to work the abrasive against the quadrant at each side of the gap.


As the abrasive wears, new emery can be fed through the tool. As a rough guide, each new abrasive portion will dress a single fret and 1-2 strips of abrasive will be required to complete a guitar.


As the emery becomes smoother, the fret will be polished with the same abrasive.


It is recommended to mask the frets in addition to using the fretboard protector/guard. The guard is made from malleable stainless steel and will flex to the radius of the board. It can be used with or without the elastic band fitted. Pickups should be protected from dust also.

The tool is suitable for narrow to medium fretwire from 0.095" (2.4mm) up to 0.105" (2 .7mm) where moderate levelling has been performed. For hard/wide frets and after heavy levelling some local filing may be necessary before using the tool.



  • Precision Made Fret Crowning / Filing Tool.
  • Coarse Emery Abrasive - 4 Strips.  
  • Medium Emery Abrasive - 4 Strips.
  • Fret guard / Fretboard Protector.
  • Allen Key.
  • Abrasive Spreader Shim.



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FRET CROWNING FILE / DRESSING KIT - Uses low cost abrasive

  • “I wanted to thank you and give you some feedback on your tools. I think they are outstanding!. Your fret crowning tool has become my absolute favourite. I have tried MANY files and methods. This system is fantastic!. Easy, quick & no file marks!. Thanks again”. J. R., Ontario, Canada.


    “I had another go last night of your amazing tool. I was astonished at how quickly I crowned and levelled the frets on my Bouzouki. Last job I did took ages with the other gear I have. It was a pleasure to use and turned a previous tedious job into a total pleasure!”, W. Y., North Berwick, Scotland.


    "I love the tool. It is far better than using files and then having to clean away file marks before polishing!." R.L., Sussex, UK

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