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1)  Guitar/Baritone   24" to 30" - 610mm to 762mm

2)  Baritone/Bass      27" to 34" - 685mm to 864mm

3)  Bass                      30" to 38" - 762mm to 965mm


The tool checks the neck straightness & fretboard flatness independent of the frets.



The dual notched edge design does not limit the tool to 2 independent scales. The unique design of the notch spacing allows the tool to be used on an infinite number of guitar scales within the range quoted. Multiscale guitars can also be checked.


The tool has 18 notches. The design of the tool is based on only checking the length of the fretboard that is capable of being deflected. The highest frets are omitted since these are past the heel/neck join and won't be affected by truss rod adjustment or string tension.


The positioning on the neck will vary depending on the scale of the instrument.


A double dot mark for position reference is provided.

The dots are nominally positioned at the 12th notch on the tool.

For shorter scales, the tool is used with the dots placed at the 11th fret on the guitar and for longer scales the dots are placed at the 13th fret.



Removable Steady - This prevents the tool from toppling over, allowing it to remain positioned on the neck during setup and adjustments. Free-standing use provides easy observation of changes to neck when adjusting the truss rod. (The steady can be used with or without strings fitted).



Further details on the tool can be found on the neck setup general information page.



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DUAL NOTCHED STRAIGHT EDGE - Guitar, Baritone & Bass Options

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