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The press is designed for use with solid body guitars.

2-options are available.



This option includes the fret press system and supplementary guitar support jig.


The fret press comprises of 2 heavy duty extruded aluminium uprights fitted with an adjustable height press beam. The distance between the uprights is 360mm with sufficient span for the width of the guitar across the horns and cutaways.


The screw press mechanism is mounted at the centre of the beam. The press screw pitch is 1.5mm and typically a single turn of the handle is required to press the fret into position after initial fret contact.


The beam height is adjustable and secured by tightening the thumb screws and adjacent locking screws. Extra locking plates and bottom stop plates are also provided. The beam can be raised by keeping one hand on each thumb screw after unlocking the plates. The pillars are fixed to a solid oak bottom cross member.


The supply includes an 18mm thick marine plywood sub-base with adjustable corner feet. The sub-base can be positioned offset or central about the press. The sub-base is secured onto the bottom member via 2 countersunk allen screws.


The press is supplied with flat cross section stainless steel inserts/cauls 75mm wide (9 piece set) - 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 14", 16", 17", 20" & Flat.


GUITAR SUPPORT JIG (Option 1 only)

The guitar support jig features an adjustable height neck caul and a pivoting body support for adjustment of the body/neck angle. The jig orientates the body at the correct angle in relation to the neck providing maximum support for the instrument. Please see the separate Guitar Support Jig product detail for further information on this item. The jig is also available for purchase separately.


OPTION 2 - BASIC GUITAR FRET PRESS - (Excluding Guitar Support Jig)

This option includes the fret press system described above but excludes the guitar support jig.



Please see the Product Category  page for related items.


Workshop Dispatch Time for this product is 2 weeks.


GUITAR FRET PRESS SYSTEM - With Optional Guitar Support Jig

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