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Designed for use in a fret press, the jig provides a perfect benchtop solution for fretting jobs and guitar repairs.


The jig has several unique features. The single base construction enables easy re-orientation and handling as a complete unit. The narrow design requires only a small amount of bench space. All that's necessary is a strip area of 650mm x 70mm  (26" x 3"). 


In addition to the adjustable height neck rest, a hinged body support adjusts to the relative angle between the guitar neck and body and the guitar is supported without strain to the neck or heel.


The neck rest is 285mm (11") long and features a full length 'C' shaped profile for maximum neck support.


The neck rest height is adjusted via 3 easy turn thumb wheels. These are also used to fine tune the rest angle for optimal neck seating.


The base incorporates a fulcrum for the pivoting body support. The body support angle is adjusted via a central thumb wheel. The top surface of the body support is covered with firm neoprene foam that provides cushioning for the guitar body with flex for hardware such as the neck fixing plate.


The jig comprises of:

Base rail 650mm x 70mm with adjustment screws and fulcrum pivot.

Pivoting body support covered with 5mm thick neoprene foam.

Adjustable height neck rest 285mm x 95mm with cork covering and 'C' shaped neck profile groove .


The jig is designed for solid body guitars including, strats, les pauls and SG's etc. It is not recommended for thicker bodied guitars. For semi-acoustic instruments and acoustic guitars, please see the Modular Guitar Workstand .



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BENCHTOP GUITAR SUPPORT JIG - With Neck Rest & Body Support

Workshop Dispatch Time 2-weeks
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