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  • Self Contained Guitar Fret Press System - no extra tools required.

  • Includes 9 Cauls - 75mm wide: 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 14", 16", 17", 20" & Flat.

  • Includes composite guitar neck support made from aluminium, neoprene and cork.

  • The system applies high pressing force via simple screw press mechanism.

  • 1-2 turns of the control handle will insert the fret under precise control without slipping.

  • Press mechanism is mounted to an adjustable height heavy duty stainless steel cross beam.

  • Cross beam is guided and secured to 40mm square section aluminium side pillars.

  • Distance in between pillars - 320mm.

  • Press base made from solid oak with protective seating face between the pillars for supporting the guitar.

  • Supplementary 12mm body support board with protective cork covering on upper side.

  • Outboard oak guitar body support block with protective seating face.

  • Additional rubber pad & loose cork mats are included for setting up.

  • Ribbed underside provides stability and grip allowing the press to be used free standing and on any surface.

  • Alternatively the press can be permanently mounted onto a bench via the fixing holes provided.

  • Suitable for multiscale instruments also.


Please see Fret Pressing Systems page for a full description of use.


GUITAR FRET PRESS - Complete System for Solid Body Guitars

  • It's an awesome tool! Great quality and excellent stability for refretting.

    Adrian S., Szczecin, Poland.