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A useful setup kit for a guitar shop, professional luthier or a guitarist who likes to work on their own instruments.

  • The fret levelling & dressing tools will produce highly polished, perfectly levelled and rounded frets without tool chatter.

  • The setup tools make simple work of setting string action height and correct neck relief.



  • Precision Formed Fret Levelling Tool (8”- 200mm).

  • 8 strips of 25mm wide coarse abrasive.

  • 8 strips of 25mm wide smooth abrasive.

  • 4 strips of double sided fine abrasive.


  • Precision Formed Fret Crowning Tool.

  • Fret Crowning Abrasive Rolls: Coarse & Smooth grades .

  • Fretboard Protector.


  • 2 String Action Gauges : 9.5" & 12"

  • 0.25mm Feeler Strip

  • 0.15mm Feeler Strip

  • Capo


The kit includes the most popular Guitar String Action Gauges 9.5-10" & 12". Additional String Action Gauges are also available from the webstore.


The type of abrasive recommended & supplied with the kit is Emery Corundum - less aggressive than diamond - but with excellent polishing characteristics. It is recognised as the best abrasive for finishing and polishing of metal which makes it a perfect choice for fret crowning and fret dressing. 

Genuine Emery Corundum is made from crushed Emery Stone - Rich in Blue Corundum/Blue Sapphire. Its composition enables a highly polished finish to be achieved.


Dependant on fret wear, the abrasive included is sufficient for 4-6 fretting jobs, however as the emery becomes smoother with use, the abrasive should not be discarded too soon as it can be retained for lighter work.


2 options of Spare Fret Levelling Abrasive can be purchased from the Webstore:

Coarse - Smooth - Fine (Heavy wear)

Smooth - Fine (Light wear)


Spare Fret Crowning Abrasive is also available.


Please see Fret Levelling page, Fret Crowning page and String Action / Neck Relief pages for further information on these tools.