• Make a new top nut.

  • Make an acoustic or classical guitar saddle.

  • Mark out string spacings.

  • File string slots.


A feature of the vice is its precise comparison of the fretboard nut slot depth. This allows nut shaping, string spacing and nut filing to be accurately performed off the instrument. Anybody struggling with close vision problems, or neck ache as a result of poor posture, will certainly benefit from using this tool!.


The comparison is achieved by a simple arrangement using two sliding plates that are used to gauge the depth of the nut slot relative to the top of the fretboard (similar to using a vernier depth gauge – please see photo). The plates are then locked together to datum the nut seating face.


The top of the vice jaws are designed to simulate the fretboard crown. The vice has two location pins for the jaws. When located on the pins, the top of the jaws are positioned accurately in relation to the previously gauged nut seating face, thus the comparison is made!.


This setup allows the nut to be removed and easily replaced in exactly the same position in the vice every time – in between any checks necessary on the guitar. The nut is always seated on its underside (datum) and there is no fiddling to adjust the height in the jaws. The nut may be quite small in height with little to play with or clamp, so this is extremely handy.


The nut seating plate has two different ends which can be easily swapped around - a flat end for standard nuts and a curved end for fender style curved bottom nuts.


The vice is slim in profile with chamfered jaws that provide good access for shaping and filing slots.

The unit mounts conveniently into a bench vice for a comfortable working height.

The Guitar Nut & Saddle Vice is also the central component of our Guitar Nut Replacement & String Spacing Jig.


  • "Superb! I wish I'd had one of these years ago!", D.W., Inverness, UK


    "WOW. This is an incredible tool. Thanks so much for all your help!", M.C. AB., Canada.


    "Excellent service, precisely as described and really well engineered". J.A. West Midlands, UK.