Our Fretboard Radius Sanding Kit is capable of sanding any desired radius between 7.25” and 20”.


5 interchangeable tool plates per following radii are included:


#1  7.25”

#2  9.5”

#3  12”

#4  15”

#5  20”




The tool has a shaped hardwood handle for 2-hand use. The length of the tool allows a good sanding rate without requiring excessive pressure.


The system utilises standard PSA abrasive discs and is also suitable for 2-3/4" stikit roll.


5 interchangeable tool plates are included: 7.25", 9.5", 12", 15", & 20" radii. The plates are 150mm long with rounded ends to match the abrasive discs. The extra abrasive at the sides of the tool is utilised by rotating the abrasive around when worn.


The specially manufactured tools can be easily stored when not in use.


A set of fretboard radius gauges is also included for checking sanding progress.


The tools can also be used without the handle when less pressure is required. Thus making them excellent for finishing the fretboard using fine grit abrasive sheets. 



“Why isn't there a tool corresponding to every fretboard radius size?”


The difference between radii is very small and in some cases negligible. The attached diagram indicates the relationship between the different radii at the theoretical edge of the fretboard and the small differences between sizes.  The photo shows the tools stacked which emphasises their close geometric relationship and compact size.


“How can I achieve a specific radius when there isn't a specific tool?”


Use the next size up and check progress with the radius gauges. Apply a little more pressure at the sides when finishing to get the radius required.




Shaped Hardwood Tool Handle with Tool Attachment Screws.

Set of 5 Fretboard Radius Sanding Tools: 7.25", 9.5", 12", 15", & 20" Radii.

5 x Ø150mm PSA Sanding Discs 80 Grit.

5 x Ø150mm PSA Sanding Discs 120 Grit.

Set of 3 Radius Gauges.


Please Note. The neck support jig shown in the illustrations is not included. For reference, the jig is simply our standard fret slotting jig base fitted with the 1-piece neck adaptation (scale templates not fitted).


Replacement abrasive is also available from the website.


  • “I would like to let you know that the craftsmanship is astonishing and I would recommend your tools to anyone. Thank you!”. Regards, Ritchie M., New York.


    “Most Excellent Item, Better than described!, 1st Class!”. E.L., Hampshire, UK.