Precise alignment of saw blade teeth at contact point with fretboard. 

Includes Fret Scale Templates & Luthiers Fretsaw.


This option will accomodate scales over 27.5" up to 35".

The fixing hole positions are standardised allowing guitar scale & small scale templates to be fitted.


The jig utilises the standard 715mm x 78mm fretboard slotting jig for bass guitar and enables 1-piece necks or finished necks to be accommodated in addition to fretboard blanks.


Adaptor plates create the additional space necessary for the neck and clearance for the headstock. The neck support height is adjustable.



  • 1-Set - Fret Scale Templates / Fret Position Markers (24 Frets).
  • 1-Set - Parallel Fretsaw Guides.
  • Jig Base - 715mm x 78mm.
  • Datum Fret Slot Locator.
  • 0.023" kerf (0.6mm) Fretboard Slotting Saw with 5x 32TPI Blades.
  • Adjustable Height Neck Support.
  • Side Extension Plates.
  • 2x Heel Centralising Packers.


Additional Templates and Spare Blades can also be purchased from the webstore.


Please see Fret Slotting page for a detailed description of this product.



FRET SLOTTING JIG FOR 1-PIECE BASS NECKS - Includes Templates & Fretsaw

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£156.38Sale Price
  • "Thank you for the prompt shipping and careful packaging. I love this jig. I had the first trial neck fully slotted an hour after the package arrived. I really appreciate the thought and precision that went into making this unit. I highly suggest it to anyone. I will be buying other products soon!".  Jim S., Indiana, USA.