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Our Fret Puller is a specially designed tool for easily removing frets. Simple to use, the design ensures that tool contact with the fretboard is avoided. The system includes a fretboard protector which the tool applies downward pressure onto, to help reduce splintering.


The hardened ground steel fret pulling tips hook underneath the fret end. The fret is trapped by the tool as it's pulled ensuring easy fret removal without slipping and marking the fretboard.


Fret Puller Tips:

Manufactured from hardened ground gauge steel / knife steel. Unlike modified pliers where local hardness may have been removed via grinding, the material is through hardened and the manufacturing process ensures that the material structure maintains its high strength and surface hardness. This also allows the ability to easily dress/sharpen with a diamond file or a linishing tool.




  • Fret Puller
  • Fretboard Protector
  • Spare Tips
  • PVC Tape


Please see the dedicated 'Fret Pulling' webpage for a full description of use.


  • "Just received the fret puller. Totally blown away. Every repair person or luthier should have one of these. Thank you!.", C. W., Idaho, USA


    “Superb product!!!”. T. S., Oklahoma, USA. 


    “Nice kit. Beautifully made, as usual. :-) 5*”. A. F., Highland, UK.


    “Fantastic tool and really great value. Thank you”. S. M. Surrey, UK.


    “Another beautifully crafted item”. J.D., Dorset, UK.


    “My first re-fret, all frets pulled out with minimum splintering AAA!”, A.W., Derbyshire, UK.