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The Fret End Bevel File is made from high quality oak.


The underside of the tool has a 10" radius that ensures smooth travel over the frets and suits any fretboard radius.

The overall tool length is 6" / 150mm with rounded edges for a comfortable grip.

The tool has two separate milled slots for mounting the file at 35 degrees or 90 degrees. Two socket grub-screws are provided each side for clamping the fie in the required position.

The file is 2nd cut smooth (designed for high alloy tool steels & de-burring) and has a high removal rate combined with a good finish. The file has one safe edge. The file can also be purchased separately.

Made from oak & lightly waxed for durability of use.

FRET END BEVEL FILE - With underside radius for smoother action

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