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  • Precision rollers at minimum spacing provide single fret bending capability.

  • Dual groove arrangement with narrow and wide spacings for the fret tang.

  • Stainless Steel Construction.



"What radii can it be set up for and how?"

There are small variations between similar wires in geometry and material composition therefore it is not possible to 'dial up' a previous setting, as the slightest of differences will cause the radii to differ.

The fret bender is set up as follows:

Adjust the thumbwheel to apply pressure to the main wheel and turn the handle to feed the wire through the tool. Increase the pressure if needed and repeat until the desired radius is achieved. 



The wire is fed through the underside of the tool for straightening. The crown locates in a circular grooved nylon roller and the tang locates in the wheel grooves. 


  • “Perfect, thank you!!!”. Denis G., Lausanne, Switzerland.


    “Thank you, what an amazing tool. I've already bent a set of frets to test it out”. Wayne S., Nottinghamshire UK.


    “Amazing value for this excellently designed tool. top quality”. Terry W., Kent, UK.


    "Thank you very much for allowing Australian luthiers to purchase your high quality, ingenious and innovative products!.", R.P., Brisbane Australia.


    "Blown away by the quality. Thank you!". Alex R., Avon, UK.


    “Superb Fret Bender!. They Don't Come Any Better !”, B.W.,  Yorkshire, UK.