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Custom multiscale jigs can be made to order.


The standard multiscale jig base will accommodate fretboards up to 78mm wide. For fretboards wider than 78mm, please contact us for a quotation.


Please contact us with the following information so we can confirm feasibility before ordering. We will get back to you within 24hrs.


'A'  Overall Nut String Spacing

'B'  Overall Bridge String Spacing

'C'  Treble Scale

'D'  Bass Scale

'E'  Perpendicular Fret Position

'F'  Number of Strings

Please see the diagram for clarification of Details 'A'-'F' required.


Custom jig dispatch time is 6 weeks to allow for design and manufacture.


Alternatively, we have several pre-designed jigs available on a shorter lead time.

Please see the available options for multiscale jigs in the webstore.


Workshop Dispatch Time 6-weeks
  • "I received the multi-scale jig. Thank you. It is splendidly crafted and I am very delighted with it . It was very easy-to-use and understand and in just an hour's time I was able to accurately slot a multi scale fretboard. Once again thanks for your craftsmanship". J. S., Guaynabo.


    "Received the goods. Beautiful tool and workmanship. Thank you for your service". Miguel A., Puerto Rico.

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