Custom multiscale jigs can be made to order.

Shipping for custom orders is approx 5-6 weeks.


The following details will need to be confirmed prior to ordering.

Please see the diagram for clarification. Details 'A'-'F' required:


'A'  Overall Nut String Spacing

'B'  Overall Bridge String Spacing

'C'  Treble Scale

'D'  Bass Scale

'E'  Perpendicular Fret Position

'F'  Number of Strings


Please contact us with your requirements so we can confirm feasibility and provide an estimated shipping date.


The supply includes:

  • Multiscale Fretboard Template.
  • Interchangeable Multiscale Slotting Jig Base.
  • 2x Fret Slot Locators.
  • Luthiers Fretsaw (for depth see below).
  • 5x Spare Fretsaw Blades.
  • Allen Keys & Fixing Screws.
  • Multiscale Geometry Layout Gauge.


We also have several 'standard' multiscale options available for purchase direct:


6-String Multi-Scale Fret Slotting Jig

7-String Multi-Scale Fret Slotting Jig

8-String Multi-Scale Fret Slotting Jig

Bass Multiscale Fret Slotting Jig




The gauge provides the geometry and relationships with reference to the centre line of the instrument as follows:

Nut Angle

Bridge Angle

Treble Scale Length

Bass Scale Length

Nut String Spacing (Overall)

Bridge String Spacing (Overall)

The Layout Gauge is an invaluable reference tool for the instrument build.



The multiscale fretboard template rests directly on top of the fretboard and is fastened in position via screws along the sides of the jig base.

During sawing, the blade is guided in close fitting parallel slots and the saw teeth pass through notches at the sides of the template.

Fret slot depth is achieved when the blade back contacts the top surface of the template. (The fretsaw supplied – 4.0mm depth – includes an allowance for the template thickness).

The fixing screw slots enable height adjustment for different board thicknesses.

For reference, the template has fretboard centreline marks at each end.

The jig is sturdy and can be solidly clamped in a bench vice for stability.

The jig base also accepts our standard slotting jig templates for conventional Short Scale, Long Scale, Baritone and Bass Scales.



The jig base has a ribbed top to help restrict movement of the fretboard.

The fretboard blank width should be trimmed for a snug fit inside the jig base side plates.

If there is excess length on the board then this can be utilised for clamping over the top of the template (at the end portions of the jig only - see photo above).



The multiscale jig base is 715mm long and will accommodate 78mm maximum fretboard width. The fixing screw positions are common permitting our standard bass scale, guitar scale & small scale templates to be fitted also.



Multiscale Bridges are available from specialist suppliers and these can offer a convenient option/solution for your bridge requirement. We recommend visiting Hipshot Products. They also have an excellent and easy to use Bridge Angle Calculator. Links are provided below.


6-String Multi-Scale Fixed Guitar Bridge

7-String Multi-Scale Fixed Guitar Bridge

8-String Multi-Scale Fixed Guitar Bridge


Q. Can the jig be used for different numbers of strings?.


A. Yes. Any adjustments made to the overall bridge spacing must be made pro rata (%) to the nut. (The scale lengths for bass and treble will change slightly - this is dependant on the amount of change in string spacing).


  • “I’ve just been drawing up full size plans for a tenor guitar, and the layout gauge has already paid for itself for that purpose alone. So much time saved from measuring and marking and joining points. It’s worth when it comes to neck alignment and bridge placement etc is already very apparent. Wonderful, Thanks!”. Tim P., Bristol, UK.


    "Received the goods. Beautiful tool and workmanship. Thank you for your service". Miguel A., Puerto Rico.


    "We are really happy with the multiscale templates that you provided us". Giulio S., Bologna, Italy


    "It is splendidly crafted and I am very delighted with it . It was very easy-to-use and understand and in just an hour's time I was able to accurately slot a multi scale fretboard. Once again thanks for your craftsmanship". J. S., Guaynabo.