Bass Guitar Neck / Multiscale Guitar Neck - Fret Press - no extra tools required!.


The unit is designed for larger/wider neck instruments including Bass Guitars, 8-String Guitars and Multiscales. It is suitable also for standard guitar necks.


  • 3 Cauls Included - 75mm wide.

  • High pressing force obtained via easy to turn screw thread.

  • 1-2 turns will insert the fret under precise control and without slipping.


3-options are available from the drop down menu:

1) 7.25", 9.5", 10"

2) 12", 14", 16"

3) 17", 20", Flat


The range of the press can be increased through additional caul options.


The press works by turning the screw thread which pushes the caul downwards in the same manner as a screw jack. The caul is guided in slots which keeps it perpendicular and stops it from turning with the screw.


The assembled unit will allow all fret positions on the neck including the headstock and heel to be reached.


The frame comprises of hardwood upper and lower cross members connected by two rectangular aluminium uprights.


The spacing of the uprights allow the guitar neck to be angled for multiscale setups also.


Please note that the neck must be detached from the instrument as the unit will not span the full width of a guitar body.


For extra protection and care of the guitar, a supplementary neck support is included.



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    “One of the best tools I've ever bought. I will never hammer frets again!” S.S., Staffordshire UK


    “Very, very nice item”. D.G., Edinburgh, UK.


    "I love a good tool & this is a good tool!", G.S., Powys, UK.