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Modular Guitar Fret Press / Workstation Assembly Overview - A Complete Guitar Pressing System.

The Modular Guitar Fret Press / Workstation is a complete guitar pressing system for reaching all frets on a guitar. This post concerns the assembly and basic set up of the workstation. For detailed information on the specific features and a comparison of the versions available, please see the separate Fret Press / Workstation webpage.

Modular Guitar Fret Press | A Complete Guitar Pressing System


The press is assembled by locating the pillars over the screws and inserting the clamp plates at each fixing screw, The pillars should be checked for squareness and overall positioning before fully tightening the fixings.


The press includes a support to reduce strain on the soundboard and the end of the neck. The support is fastened onto clamp rails which slot through the cross beam. The rails have 2-positions and can be extended or retracted as required.


The guitar is placed onto the workstand and transferred underneath the bridge. The bridge is seated on stops at a pre-set height and locked in position on the pillars.

An open tenon base design guides the workstand underneath the press. The fret is aligned with the press insert by sliding the workstand left or right. Two round clamps can be used to lock the workstand in position if required.


The base is a stretched hexagon shape - 820mm long by 460mm deep. This provides flexibility for positioning at different angles on the bench top.

With the base angled, the workstand can be transferred outside the press and clamped at the side / front position. The round clamps should be moved from the tenon position and re-located to the extra clamp positions provided. An additional 3rd clamp is provided to ensure the workstand is fully secured to the base.

The press can be removed from the base when not required.

Guitar Fret Press | Guitar Neck & Body Support

Two support legs with rubber feet are provided and these should be attached to the workstand when used outside of the workstation. For ease of assembly, the legs are fitted over the top and locate in the rebate at each end of the workstand.

Please see the separate page for further details on the Workstand Assembly Overview.

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