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Fret Puller | GMC Luthier Tools

Our Fret Puller is purpose designed for fret removal. The design ensures that direct tool contact with the fretboard face is avoided. The system includes a fretboard protector and spare tool tips.



This side is for locating the fret end and gently prising it away from the fretboard.

Place a small strip of PVC tape either side of the fret around the edge of the board.

Position the flat side of the Fret Puller against the fretboard as shown.

The cutaway allows close up inspection to assist location.

Fret Puller | Narrow Jaws For Fret Removal | GMC Luthier Tools

Locate the tips against the underside of the fret either side of the tang. By applying gentle leverage and pressure, the fret end can be gradually lifted away from the fingerboard. Reposition the tool as soon as the fret starts to lift.

Applying some heat to the top of the fret beforehand may also help with removal, but this is down to preference.

Note!. As the fret will have been forced into its slot during fitting, consideration for some small repairs afterwards should be allowed.


It is recommended to start from the underside or unseen edge as played, so that any cosmetic repairs will be discreet.

Fret Puller | With Hardened Ground Jaws | GMC Luthier Tools



Turn the tool over to the 2nd (curved) side.

Place the fretboard protector in position and locate the tips under the raised fret end.

Fret Puller | Gripping The Frets | GMC Luthier Tools

As the fret lifts, re-position the tool.

Note the contact point of the tool body against the fret board protector. This ensures downward pressure is maintained on the fretboard, reducing tear out as the tool is rolled back and the fret is pulled out.

The fret is completely enclosed by the tool and there is no possibility of losing grip on the fret.

Fret Puller | With Minimal Chipping | GMC Luthier Tools

The fret pops out from the top of the tool and is removed from the instrument with ease!

Softer frets will tend to curl as per the above photo whereas harder frets will remain straighter and be levered out.

When removing straighter/rigid frets, to help prevent the wood from splitting, apply finger pressure to the ends of the protector or either side of the fret as shown below. 

Where permitting ensure the band is fitted to the protector for additional downward pressure on the wood.

The corner notches ensures that the band does not interfere with using the tool - as shown in the photo below. 

Fret Pulling | With Fretboard Protector| GMC Luthier Tools

There will inevitably be some local splitting & lifting of the grain as the barbs come out. 

Any little 'uptands' should be pressed back in to place. The pvc tape provided is a perfect soft roller for this!

Our Fret Puller is available from the Webstore.