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A versatile precision Fret Leveling Tool with more than one use!.

With its inherent polishing capability, emery is the preferred abrasive for final finishing and lapping of metal surfaces requiring high precision and smooth surface finish. Emery is less aggressive than diamond - but has inherent polishing characteristics. It is acknowledged as the best abrasive for finishing and polishing of special metals by engineers and jewellery makers.

Our Fret Levelling Tool has an ergonomic shaped handle with a recess for the thumb at the leading end and an angled back for good control with 2-handed use. 

Fret Levelling Tool | GMC Luthier Tools
Fret Levelling Abrasive | GMC Luthier Tools



Tools are 100% inspected for straightness using a precision granite surface table & dial indicator.

Fret Levelling Accuracy | GMC Luthier Tools



The guitar neck should be set straight before levelling the frets. It is recommended to utilise a Notched Straight Edge for this purpose as this will reference the fretboard surface itself and ensure consistency of the finished fret profiles and playing feel along the board.


The frets should ideally be fully masked to ensure the fingerboard wood is completely protected. Controls and hardware should be protected from dust also. If the guitar has a natural finish or is open grained then extra care should also be taken. All dust should be thoroughly cleaned before removing any masking.

What Fret Levelling Abrasive should I use?

The starting fret levelling abrasive grade will be dependent on the degree of fret wear. 

Coarse, Smooth & Fine grades are supplied with the Fret Leveller making it suitable for heavier wear and guitar shop use.

Smooth Abrasive then Fine is recommended for guitarists performing their own guitar setups.

Fret Levelling Tool | GMC Luthier Tools
Fret Leveling Tools | GMC Luthier Tools

After levelling, the frets will require crowning to achieve a satisfactory playing feel and to optimise intonation.

Replacement fret levelling abrasive can be purchased from the webstore in convenient pre-cut strips. The fret leveller will also accept 25mm standard width roll. 



The tool is also useful for detail sanding/flat sanding of wood by incorporating a suitable abrasive.

(Emery supplied with the tool is not suitable for use on wood).

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Universal Notched Straight Edge | GMC Luthier Tools

The Guitar Notched Straight Edge accurately checks the neck straightness & fretboard flatness independent of the frets.


The original design ensures that multiple scales are catered for with a single tool.



A removable steady prevents the tool from toppling over, allowing it to remain safely positioned on the neck during setup and adjustments. (The steady can be used with or without strings fitted).



The design of the tool is based on checking the length of the fretboard that is capable of being deflected. The very highest frets are omitted since these are well beyond the heel/neck join and won't be affected by truss rod adjustment or string tension.


The tool has 18 notches and a double dot mark for position reference is provided. The positioning on the neck will vary depending on the scale of the instrument:


The dots are nominally positioned at the 12th fret.

For shorter scales, the dots are placed at the 11th fret and for longer scales the dots are placed at the 13th fret.

There are 4-versions of universal notched straight edge available from the webstore:

24" to  27" Guitar Scale - With Precision Straight Edge

24" to  30" Guitar- Baritone

27" to  34" Baritone - Bass

30" to  38" Bass



  • Multiple guitar scales accommodated.

  • Freestanding use (with steady) and conventional use.