A versatile precision fret levelling tool with more than one use.


The fret levelling tool is manufactured in our workshop using precision press and die tooling. The manufacturing process includes finish lapping of the levelling face. Flatness is guaranteed through 100% inspection of the leveller.


The tool has an ergonomic shaped handle for comfortable 2-handed use. 

Fret Leveller
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Tools are 100% inspected.


The guitar neck should be set straight before levelling the frets. Our Notched Straight Edge can be utilised for this purpose as this will reference the fretboard and help to maintain uniformity of the frets for levelling.


The fretboard and all controls/hardware should be protected from dust. If the guitar has a natural finish or is open grained then extra care should also be taken.


The tool is supplied with emery abrasive. Genuine emery has excellent abrasive properties combined with finish polishing use. Designed for high precision and smooth surface finish, it is an ideal abrasive for fret levelling.


Dependent on fret wear, the abrasive included is sufficient for 4-6 fretting jobs, however as the emery becomes smoother it can be retained for lighter/polishing work.

What Fret Levelling Abrasive should I use?

The starting fret levelling abrasive grade will be dependent on the degree of fret wear.

Coarse, Smooth & Fine grades are supplied with the Fret Leveller.

Replacement fret levelling abrasive can be purchased from the webstore.

The fret leveller will also accept 25mm standard width roll.

Coarse Smooth Fine Replacement.jpg
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After fret levelling, the frets should be rounded over to reduce the flat areas of the crown. This is essential for good intonation. Our Fret Crowning Tool provides a handy solution for this and is suitable for most sizes of fret wire.


The tool is also useful for detail sanding/flat sanding of wood by incorporating a suitable abrasive.

(Emery supplied with the tool is not suitable for use on wood).

Guitar Sanding Tool

Detail Sanding of fretboard

ROUGH SANDING_edited.jpg

Rasp Sanding of guitar neck