Our Fret Crowning Tool is suitable for most sizes of fret wire - it doesn't chatter, restores roundness and is a comfortable, easy to use fret dressing tool.

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After fret levelling, the frets should be rounded over to reduce the flat areas of the crown. This is essential for good intonation.  

Crowning the very top centre of the fret though should be avoided. The tools original design features a concave contact face and incorporates a gap at the centre that ensures this is easily accomplished.


When pressure is applied during use, the corners of the fret are rounded by the emery but abrasive pressure on the the crown is prevented.

Concave Fret Crowning Tool | GMC Luthier Tools



Emery has excellent polishing characteristics and is recognised as the best abrasive for finishing and polishing of special metals by engineers and jewellery makers. Perfect for Fret Crowning!.

Method of use can be adapted to individual preference and particular fret conditions. In general the tool is used as follows:


A strip of the emery is folded and inserted through the gap in the tool. The shim should be used to spread the abrasive.


As the abrasive wears, new emery is fed through the tool as required. Worn emery can be trimmed off leaving a neat edge for the next fret by cutting along the end of the tool with some light shears (not included). As a general rule, each new abrasive portion will dress a single fret and two strips of abrasive will be required to complete a guitar.

The tool is suitable for the majority of applications where moderate levelling has been performed. For hard/wide frets some local filing may be necessary before using the tool.

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Emery Fret Crowning Tool

The frets should be levelled before crowning. The photograph below shows levelled frets at the left side and crowned frets at the right.

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As the emery becomes smoother the fret will be polished with the same abrasive.

Ensure the fretboard protector is used. This is made from malleable stainless steel and can be easily shaped to the radius of the board. It can be used with or without the elastic band fitted.





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