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Customer Feedback & Comments:

"Received the goods. Beautiful tool and workmanship. Thank you for your service". Miguel A., Puerto Rico.

“Thank you for the Nut Jig - It is perfect!. I also wanted to thank you for the Fretboard Slotting Jig and Fret Press, these are both excellent and work great. I have not been building guitars very long but your tools have helped enormously. There has been a marked improvement in the quality of my fretwork and nut shaping due to the accuracy and ease of use of your jigs. Oh, and the String Action Gauge is a very nifty little thing!”. Many thanks, Michael K., Cambridgeshire, UK.


"We are really happy with the multiscale templates that you provided us". Giulio S., Bologna, Italy

“You make such great tools, and reasonably priced too. My friend who is a highly respected engineer commented on the excellent quality of my GMC tools and he has no interest in guitars at all! I'll be ordering your multiscale fret slotting jig next, as far as I can make out it seems be the only commercially available one in the world at the moment?". James P., Dorset, UK

"Thank you for the prompt shipping and careful packaging. I love this jig. I had the first trial neck fully slotted an hour after the package arrived. I really appreciate the thought and precision that went into making this unit. I highly suggest it to anyone. I will be buying other products soon!".  Jim S., Indiana, USA.


"I wanted to tell you a few days back I was able to use the fret slotting jig and I could not be happier. It worked perfectly, and together with the saw made a clean and professional job....it was like a childs game, even for a novice like me!"., S.R. Badalona, Cataluña.

“A really great piece of kit. Very well made. A complete re-fret went without a hitch, Every fret was perfect, What could have been quite a daunting task, went so smoothly. The whole thing has been so well thought out - it's a brilliant bit of kit. I would gladly recommend your equipment to anyone who is thinking of buying it! Thanks again.” P.C. Wiltshire, UK.

"I received the multi-scale jig. Thank you. It is splendidly crafted and I am very delighted with it . It was very easy-to-use and understand and in just an hour's time I was able to accurately slot a multi scale fretboard. Once again thanks for your craftsmanship". J. S., Guaynabo.


"Recently bought one of your your fret presses -superb. Thanks so much- it’s a gorgeous piece of kit. Will definitely be buying more stuff and recommending your kit for anyone interested in guitar work. John C., Glasgow UK

"Your tool made the adjustment process super simple. Congratulations on another great tool!”. D.H., Middleton, USA.

"Just received the fret puller. Totally blown away. Every repair person or luthier should have one of these. Thank you!.", C. W., Idaho, USA

“I just received my fret saw today. Super I love it. You have a great product. A must have for the shop. Thank you!”. D.W., Troy, USA.

​“I am very satisfied with the tools built by you. Great ideas, very good performance. Thank you very much!”. Wieslaw M., Reykjavik, Iceland.

"Thank you very much for allowing Australian luthiers to purchase your high quality, ingenious and innovative products!.", R.P., Brisbane Australia

“I wanted to thank you and give you some feedback on your tools. I think they are outstanding!. Your fret crowning tool has become my absolute favourite. I have tried MANY files and methods. This system is fantastic!. Easy, quick & no file marks!. Thanks again”. J. R., Ontario, Canada.